Wedding checklists ....and should Beauty be last on your list? !

Congratulations on your engagement what wonderful and special news! Ok, so you now look at your budget and run through all the trimmings to make your day as special as possible, for you, your partner and your guests. I bet you are all kind-hearted, selfless Brides wanting everyone to have a fabulous time, so what do you do, put your Hair and Makeup last on the list with a small budget and book it in weeks/ couple of months before the big day , and that's if your lucky to find someone available (lets face it good skilled people will be booked up months in advance)?

All eyes will be on you, hundreds of Photos taken of you and unless you are lucky to find a quick cheaper option, having a qualified professional making you look your very best, "camera ready," helping you feel calm, relaxed and excited for your big entrance, why wouldn't you put yourself first and take some pressure off, book your Hair and Makeup 6 to 12 months before?

Brides to be spend an average 12 months feeling overwhelmed , wondering will everything be perfect on the day? I promise you, you will deserve that little bit of me time when your day comes! Your professional stylist will plan, discuss, create everything with you have regular communication over styles and ideas, and on the day keep Bridesmaids in check along with any other high maintenance family members making sure times run smoothly. The discussions I have had with many Brides over previous trials gone wrong, poor products used, miserable dismissive stylists, no customer service. I can honestly say its worth finding the right person to work for you because on your special day you will go from feeling cool calm excited to a nervous "where did the time go ???".....Bride!

Its such a personal job, I stay with the Bride until shes skipping down the isle, I've helped her into her dress made her into the most beautiful version of herself kept her calm and when she looks in the mirror she loves what she sees ready to say I Do".

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