Little Business a lot of dedication

Small businesses definitely should not be underestimated! The work ethic, the dedication and the passion we give to each of our #Brides and our regular clients to ensure they walk away feeling special and happy with what they've asked for, is of the upmost importance.

My Brides receive a full in-depth Consultation so I can achieve the right style and look, each having their own wedding file and schedule with me ready for their big day. From their Trial to their #Wedding day they leave me feeling confident. If people ask "why are prices so high with the word wedding in front of it?" The work and skill that is required, the time that goes in, the travel, the products the other clients you cant see that day it all adds up not forgetting a wage....the hourly rate gets forgotten. Lets be honest your not getting a bit of lippy and a ponytail you are getting a professional to create flawless beauty and elegance to compliment everything else you've worked hard for. The average #Bridal Party is probably 5 hours on the day for Hair & Makeup up your Stylist starts their day at 5am .....that artist will probably be a walking zombie after but seeing a happy Bride with Family and friends Priceless I love my job ABSOLUTLEY x

Beautiful Trial 2hours

A Brides Wedding File

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