This is ...I am Enchanted Hair up and Beauty ( aka Emma).jpe

ProfessionaL Hairup  Stylist 



Hello , welcome to my website! I’m Emma a fully qualified Bridal Makeup Artist, Creative Hair Stylist and a Beauty therapist. I am  passionate about my work and dedicated to all my clients requirements, when you meet me you will always receive a friendly smile and a lot of enthusiasm! 


My work ethic is to achieve a fabulous experience for clients and create beautiful results.  When clients come to me they don't just get a service they receive an abundance of advice, support and guidance they leave with a wealth of knowledge and have had a fun experience and feel good about themselves.  


My studio is located on Long Bennington Business park offering free parking which removes some of the In-town pressures. 


I deliver a full consultation service and will recommend any services or products that will be best suited to you. 

I dedicate time that will ensure you get the best results.

I Hope you found this useful I cant wait to hear from you 


  see you soon Emma x

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